aliciamarie09 (aliciamarie09) wrote in lovers_only,

First Love.. *poem*

            ~First Love~

It was this past winter
On those cold, snowy days
When we looked into eachother's eyes
And in love we fell.
We all thought it'd last
Then the future took a turn
And decided we needed to go
On our seperate ways
We were to part
And be just friends
We met other people
And started to like them
But neither of us seem to date
When I see you now
I'm reminded of the past
Our first kiss, our first movie
Or just driving around in your car
I remember how I never saw
Not one single flaw in you
And how you made me feel
You made me feel like I meant something
But I have to keep the past behind me
And I have to let go of what we had
We both still will think about it
From time to time again
But that's because...
You can never replace your first love.

                                   ~Written By: Alicia Marie Groulx - September 8, 2004

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