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i never made a scene

hey im new here...

my boyfriend broke up with me last saturday. we were dating for 2 and a half months and he is the first person i have ever loved. his name is Evan. he broke my heart and i dont know if i will ever be entirely over him. everyone told me that we had the worst relationship, and i knew it. i was his bitch... he didnt like beat me or anything, but i was like his wrestling partner in the off-season. he was a total asshole in public, but when we were alone he was perfect. he always talked about how we would have been together for a really long time... and i believed it.
he said he broke up with me because he was having regrets... and he didnt want to go on lying to me and himself because he cared about me so much and didnt want to hurt me... well he did. he did it once before and i was so devastated, i did some really dumb stuff. but then 3 days after he put us on a "break" he said he wanted me back because he regreted what he did and that he liked me so much... but he never loved me. i think he was still in love with Betsy (an old gf of his that he had for 5 1/2 months). i never want to be with him again... he hurts so well.
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