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New to the community..

Well.. Ive read all the entries in here..

Love.. I dont think I'll ever find someone who loves me, really truely..

I only had one person I really loved.. everyone thought one of my ex's was my first love.. but theres a difference between loving someone, and having your world revolve around them.. And he just used me and it was an emotionally abusive relationship more or less anyways..

But the one person I did love.. Said he loved me and all this other stuff.. It was the perfect relationship.. Not one flaw.. So I thought..

Then he said he didnt feel the same way about me anymore and felt bad cuz it didnt feel right .. so we broke up..

That was in February.. I am still in a class with him for 2 1/2 hours of the day (now that school is back in session) and I know I still love him..

Like.. ur first love.. you will never forget. and you'll always have something there for them still.. even a lil bit..

But after that I was in another relationship.. well.. I figure.. after that relationship also ended.. I was cursed in love.. I am always heartbroken and end up being depressed for like ever..

So my view on love.. Is I'm scared of it.. People say its the best thing in the world and such, or others say its overrated.. My opinion is.. It'd be nice to be in love and have it not end.. But Im scared of it.. Becuz I go through so much pain trying to find it..
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