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I thought this was a really good poem. the website is very good

How do you open your heart to love again
when one mistake cost you your world and best friend?
How do you deal with the unrelenting pain
when all day long it just rattles your brain?
How do you learn to forgive and forget
when you don't know if your heart has healed yet?
How do you live your life day by day
when you have no one there to show you the way?
How do you rebuild your world after heartbreak
when you have no ambition, only heartache?
How do you cry with your eyes out of tears
when all feelings of love are consumed by your fears?
How do you prepare yourself to love someone new
when you know his love hasn't been proven to you?
How do you risk again being hurt
when he could be "the one" or only a flirt?
How do you remind yourself they're not all the same
when you really think that it's all just a game?
How do you know if you've found the right guy
when your brain says hello and your heart says goodbye?
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