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Well. My boyfriend just broke up with me about a week ago. I didnt get to see him that much because of the fact that we had opposite schedules that made it impossible to go out but we did it anyway. He really made me happy I have to say. Well when I got from a week long vaction for softball I heard from my best friend jim that he was having second thoughts and being indesisive on whether we should continue dating each other. I confronted him about it and he told me it seemed like we were just friends and that I liked jim(my best friend), which is negative. So we ended up breaking it up but only after about two weeks which is good so I didnt get attached to the jerk he can be. I told him I didnt like jim because he is my best friend and I just dont like him. Also I asked how could you think we were more friends than lovers because we have only hung out once due to our schedules!!! And after I got through talking he said he was thinking he made a big mistake, I was like I bet you did.Im not to upset honestly.Things like this just happen, and I havent totally gave my heart out yet to one person but yea. here is a poem I wrote. stop by my livejournal hxcfruitloops.

tell me what you think...

The Way Its Supposed To Be...

Your my super hero like
in the comics you read
in all those magazines
the ones that girls see what
their supposed to be
by then I was pretty sure
I was numb to happiness until I met you
and everything started becoming clear again
your my withdrawl of all my fears
the tears youve erased
and the memories youve embraced
have just made me happy for once in a long while
Your that one breathing machine that has kept me revived
and my broken heart still beating
Your that one person that has stitched up these wounds of mine
that have constintedly been re-opened
yet everytime I feel deep down in my heart
I love the feeling of knowing your the only one for me

xx00 taylor
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